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Lee Hankinson is a Marine Ecologist and Conservationist from Australia. His love of the ocean is evident in his photography where he shares images of marine creatures and underwater habitats coupled with a scientific story behind them.


He has a masters in Ecology and is known to many for his understanding of marine habitats but also his keen knowledge of all things science and conservation.

With research experience in the tropical regions of the Seychelles, Malaysia, Philippines and Costa Rica as well as years spent offshore in UK, Norwegian and surrounding Arctic waters, Lee has played a role in numerous conservation and consultancy projects. Past and current research has focused on tropical and deep sea coral reefs, deep-sea sponge habitats, photo identification projects, fisheries management, sustainable livelihoods, marine protected areas, invasive species control and protected species management.

Lee Hankinson Photography aims to inspire people by sharing personal experiences and passions for the ocean. The photographs and articles are all curated to make the marine world accessible to a wider audience.

Check out the latest writings about trip locations and gear recommendations in the BLOG section.

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